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To say that she couldn foresee the consequences of her actions is a gross understatement. We spoke to each other everyday. Her death zapped all of the energy from my body and left a hole that is more vast than I could have ever imagined. And yes, I have experienced the loss of many loved ones, including my parents. I can even begin to comprehend the loss her family nike air max 90 womens must feel. So for those of you who are so quick to judge, just thank God you or any of your loved ones have never been in that place. Speaking as the survivor of two attempts upon my life, until my official diagnosis of bipolar disorder, I can empathize with Ms. nike air max 2012 cheap Shuai regarding the total and complete and helplessness she felt in that moment as she ingested said poison. I too, at times, felt that if I could no longer be self sufficient, then Beats By Dre pro Cheap I would rather end my life than Cheap Dr Dre Beats Headphone Cyber Monday be swept away by another episode. Maybe Ms. Shuai found Cheap beats solo hd herself caught between a cultural barrier where Far Easteren cultures deny mental illness? In the five years since my diagnosis, I lost four jobs, burned countless bridges, and had to rebuild my life from the rubble more than twice already. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, nike air griffey max 2 you truly do feel subhuman. I sincerely hope Indiana snaps to it senses and treats Ms. Shuai with the sensitivity she deserves amidst the darkest hour of her life. The problem is that if this case is NOT prosecuted, where does that bring us? There was a local case not too long ago wherein a pregnant woman was bar hopping in Glens Falls, and when she was arrested for what, I can recall, she had a ridiculously high ETOH level. If we don go after this woman, aren we setting the precedent of can do what you want as long as you depressed on the fence with Beats By Dre pro Cheap this case. On the one hand, she clearly very ill. But on the other, her actions directly led to the death of a three day old child. Tough one. I have been suicidal. I made the decision, gathered the pills, got my affairs in order, cleaned my house, and was at peace with my plan. I have been in her shoes. I am ambivalent here. The empathetic side of me knows that it was not her intention to harm the baby alone. She wanted the emotional pain Custom Beats By Dre Cheap to stop. You will do just about anything to make the pain stop. You truly feel that you are a burden on your loved ones and that they will benefit tremendously by your death. I understand that it does not make sense to Dr Dre Beats Headphone anyone unless you have been there. Even now, it is difficult for me to resurrect those feelings. She needs proper mental health care, support, and understanding. The other side of me knows that I would never have done anything to harm anyone else physically when taking my own life. I would never have driven my car into on coming traffic, I would never have fired a gun at an officer so that he would shoot me suicide by cop, or anything else where someone other than myself could even get Beats By Dre Cheap hurt. If I had done that then I would have considered myself culpable in their injury or death. She is directly responsible for that child death. However, I do feel that her mental state at the time of the offense warrants an insanity defense. Once she is mentally stable perhaps some sort of incarceration would be warranted. Just my opinion based on the information from this article. I disagree with you. I have had terrible depression my whole life. At one time i thought the world would be better off without me however i never attempted suicide. This women KNEW that by killing Cheap Beats By Dre Cheap herself her baby would most likely die as well. You are assuming this woman is dumb. Depressed people are not dumb. we actually tend to overthink situations until it drives us nuts. her plan backfired, her baby died and she survived. Yes she needs treatment but im sorry, she KNEW she was pregnant, she KNEW that if she killed herself the baby would die. Yes there should be a punishment. I am not surprised at the judgment that is being passed on this woman. When mental health is involved, the individual is not in their right mind. Depression and suicide are physiological afflictions, not or I so glad to hear that so many people possess superhuman strength and the ability to overcome every single obstacle that comes their way. Kudos to you, superstars enter sarcasm here. I been a Licensed Social Worker for a number of years and have patients who don want to feel depressed or suicidal and have tried everything yes, even ECT AND NOTHING WORKS. They are still depressed and want to kill themselves. Wow! There is no cure for alcoholism either so given your logic, anyone who hurts someone with a car while drunk should also agree to voluntary sterilization?? You might get some wide spread support for castration of repeat rapists but history has shown us that some sort of mandated sterilization of anyone who falls outside of a is a very slippery and dangerous ethical slope. What we know about this case in total nike air max tailwind 5 is a media fed fraction of the facts. Did this woman cry out for help that went unanswered? I think her mental state at the time needs to be probed and her condition evaluated. Once that is all sorted out, the appropriate course of action is to treat her, then decide on an appropriate course of maintenance treatment, if her condition can, in fact, be stabilized. Given what I have been told so far, it isn clear at all if incarceration should be on the table. The level of bleeding heart empathy towards this woman staggers my mind. Although I don consider this woman a criminal, and I don dispute that she needs help, the extent of empathy expressed by many commenters here is exactly what is wrong with society today. People need to be held accountable for their actions. We need to remember that for every crime of this nature there is a victim, and their rights and deserved justices supercede the feelings that the perpetrator was experiencing. It amazes me that we live Cheap Beats By Dre in a society that argues in Cheap beats solo hd favor of felonies against hoarders that couldn properly care for all of their animals, but yet absolute sympathy for a woman who actions caused the death of an innocent baby.

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